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Stefano Pugnaghi, M. A.




  • University of Nottingham (Visiting Post-graduate student) February 2018-May 2018
  • I have been accepted as a visiting student to work on the final master dissertation with professor Stefano Predelli. The work will be focused on the theory of truth in David Kaplan’s seminal work Demonstratives and on the developments of the logic for demonstratives.
  • University of Bologna (Master in Philosophy) September 2015- June 2018
  • I completed a two-years master course in philosophy, focused in philosophy of language, logic and metaphysics and worked on a final thesis titled Analyticity and Theory of Meaning, tutored by professor Sebastiano Moruzzi (University of Bologna), Giorgio Volpe (University of Bologna) and Stefano Predelli (University of Nottingham).
  • University of Chicago (Exchange Full-time Graduate student) September 2016-June 2017
  • I attended graduate-level classes at the University of Chicago as an exchange student for a full academic year, completing the exams with a GPA of 3.95. I have worked particularly in logic, philosophy of language and moral philosophy.
  • University of Bologna (Bachelor in Philosophy) September 2011-March 2015
  • I graduated summa cum laude from a full-time study course in philosophy with a grade of 110/110. The course provided a wide preparation in history of philosophy (particularly ancient philosophy and XVII-XIX-century philosophy) and theoretical philosophy (especially metaphysics, logic and moral philosophy). I graduated working on a final dissertation titled Intuitionistic Logic and Semantic Vagueness, focused on possibility to formulate an intuitionistic logical approach to vagueness without accepting an epistemic view, helped by professor Sebastiano Moruzzi (University of Bologna) and Eva Picardi (University of Bologna).



First Language: Italian

Other Languages:
English Speaking: Good (IELTS: 7.5)
Listening: Very good (IELTS: 8.5)
Reading: Very good (IELTS: 8.5)
Writing: Good (IELTS: 7.0)



Employee in Commercial Office (March 2015-September 2015): I have worked in the commercial office of a company for half a year, with responsibility in searching for clients and in taking care of the correspondence of the company.

COGITO: I joined an advanced research center in analytic philosophy (called Cogito) during my final year as undergraduate student. I am currently an active member of this center, founded by professors and PhD students in Bologna. I have actively participated in:

- International workshop 1 on “Logical and Alethic Pluralism” (Bologna, June 2015)
- International workshop 2 on “Logical and Alethic Pluralism” (Bologna, October 2015)
- Master Class and Workshop on “Disagreement”, with Elke Brendel and Filippo Ferrari (Bologna, September 2017)