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Kian Salimkhani

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (DFG-Projekt: FOR 2495) am Lehrstuhl für Wissenschafts- und Naturphilosophie

 Institut für Philosophie
Am Hof 1
D-53113 Bonn
Raum: 1.087

+49 [0]228 73 7740

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Zur Person / CV

I am a PhD student mainly working on approaches to quantum gravity and the issue of (non-)fundamentality of spacetime as a case study for the project Modality in Physics and Metaphysics with Prof. Dr. Andreas Bartels (PI) within the DFG-funded research unit Inductive Metaphysics (FOR 2495). I studied physics and philosophy at the University of Bonn (MSc in Theoretical Physics, MA in Philosophy).


Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Physics (Spacetime Theories, Quantum Field Theory)
  • General Philosophy of Science (Methodology, Unification)
  • Metaphysics (Inductive Metaphysics, Metaphysics of Science)



Forthcoming K. Salimkhani, ‘Quantum Gravity: A Dogma of Unification?’. In: A. Christian, D. Hommen, N. Retzlaff and G. Schurz (Eds.), Philosophy of Science – Between the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities, European Studies in Philosophy of Science, Springer. (Preprint)

Talks (Selection)

10/2017 Constraining Inductive Metaphysical Inferences by Help of Internal Unification, SMS3, New York

9/2017 Explaining Unification in Physics, DGPhil, Berlin

9/2017 The Principle of Equivalence, the spin-2, and the fundamentality of space-time, Symposium “Promoting the Field View of General Relativity: New Insights From Spin-2, Emergent Gravity, and the Dynamical Approach”, EPSA 2017, Exeter

8/2017 Explaining Unification in Physics Internally, ECAP9, München

7/2017 Einstein's Principle of Equivalence and the Fundamentality of Spacetime, BSPS 2017, Edinburgh

6/2017 Explaining Unification in Physics Internally, SILFS 2017, Bologna

12/2016 On Realism and Intertheory Relations within Unification Attempts in Modern Physics, Symposium “Scientific Realism and Intertheory Relations in Physics: Classical Physics, Quantum Physics, and Space Time Theories”, ICPOS, Lisboa

3/2016 Quantum Gravity: An Ideology of Unification?, GWP.2016, Düsseldorf

2/2016 The Notion and Practice of Unification in Modern Physics, DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Hamburg

9/2015 Quantum Gravity and the Principle of Equivalence (Poster), GAP.9, Osnabrück


Organized Symposia and Workshops

3/2018 Individuality, Distinguishability, and (Non-)Entanglement, Bonn, Organizer (with Tina Wachter)

10/2017 Spacetime: Fundamental or Emergent?, Bonn, Organizer (with Andreas Bartels)

9/2017 Promoting the Field View of General Relativity: New Insights From Spin-2, Emergent Gravity, and the Dynamical Approach, Symposium at EPSA17, Organizer (with Niels Linnemann)


Lehre / Teaching

Wintersemester 2017/18

Philosophie der Quantenmechanik (MA), Mi 14-16, Raum 3.074

Sommersemester 2017

Philosophie der Raumzeit (MA), Mi 14-16, Raum 3.078


Tutorien in Theoretischer Physik (BSc)