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Kian Salimkhani

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (DFG-Projekt: FOR 2495) am Lehrstuhl für Wissenschafts- und Naturphilosophie

 Institut für Philosophie
Am Hof 1
D-53113 Bonn


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Zur Person / CV

I am a doctoral researcher in philosophy of physics at the University of Bonn mainly working on spacetime theories and approaches to quantum gravity with respect to the issue of the (non-)fundamentality of spacetime. My research takes place within the project Modality in Physics and Metaphysics with Prof. Dr. Andreas Bartels (PI) which is part of the research unit Inductive Metaphysics (FOR 2495) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Before, I studied physics and philosophy at the University of Bonn (BSc and MSc in Physics—specialization in theoretical particle physics—and MA in Philosophy).

I am also an affiliated member of the Lichtenberg Group for History and Philosophy of Physics at the University of Bonn, and in May 2018 I held a Junior Visiting Fellowship in Philosophy of Quantum Gravity from the Geneva Symmetry Group at the University of Geneva (Principal Investigator: Christian Wüthrich, Collaborator: Niels Linnemann).


Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Physics (Spacetime Theories, Quantum Field Theory)
  • General Philosophy of Science (Methodology, Unification)
  • Metaphysics (Inductive Metaphysics, Metaphysics of Science)



2019 K. Salimkhani, ‘Explaining unification in physics internally’. Synthese. (Preprint)

2018 K. Salimkhani, ‘Quantum Gravity: A Dogma of Unification?’. In: A. Christian, D. Hommen, N. Retzlaff and G. Schurz (Eds.), Philosophy of Science – Between the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities, European Studies in Philosophy of Science, Vol. 9. Cham: Springer, 23–41. (Preprint)

2013 K. Salimkhani, J. Tattersall and G. Moortgat-Pick, ‘CP Violating Effects in Stop Decay’. In: Helmholtz Alliance Linear Collider Forum, “Proceedings of the Workshops Hamburg, Munich, Hamburg 2010–2012”, Hamburg, DESY, 445–449.

Talks (Selection)

11/2019 The Constructivist's Programme and the Problem of Pregeometry, SMS5, Toronto

9/2019 The Constructivist's Programme and the Problem of Pregeometry, EPSA 2019, Genève

7/2019 The Constructivist's Programme and the Problem of Pregeometry (Poster), BSPS 2019, Durham

2/2019 How Physics Practice Employs the ‘Physical Possible’, Symposium “Modality in Physics”, GWP.2019, Köln

5/2018 On Pregeometry, Chicago-Geneva Beyond Spacetime Seminar, Genève

10/2017 Constraining Inductive Metaphysical Inferences by Help of Internal Unification, SMS3, New York City

9/2017 Explaining Unification in Physics, DGPhil, Berlin

9/2017 The Principle of Equivalence, the spin-2, and the fundamentality of space-time, Symposium “Promoting the Field View of General Relativity: New Insights From Spin-2, Emergent Gravity, and the Dynamical Approach”, EPSA 2017, Exeter

8/2017 Explaining Unification in Physics Internally, ECAP9, München

7/2017 Einstein's Principle of Equivalence and the Fundamentality of Spacetime, BSPS 2017, Edinburgh

6/2017 Explaining Unification in Physics Internally, SILFS 2017, Bologna

12/2016 On Realism and Intertheory Relations within Unification Attempts in Modern Physics, Symposium “Scientific Realism and Intertheory Relations in Physics: Classical Physics, Quantum Physics, and Space Time Theories”, ICPOS, Lisboa

3/2016 Quantum Gravity: An Ideology of Unification?, GWP.2016, Düsseldorf

2/2016 The Notion and Practice of Unification in Modern Physics, DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Hamburg

9/2015 Quantum Gravity and the Principle of Equivalence (Poster), GAP.9, Osnabrück


Organized Workshops and Symposia

2/2019 Modality in Physics, Symposium at GWP.2019, Köln, Convener (w/ Andreas Bartels and Niels Linnemann)

12/2018 1. DPG-Wochenendseminar zur Einführung in die „Philosophie der Physik“. Thema: Philosophie der Raumzeit, Bonn, Organizer (w/ Niels Linnemann)

3/2018 Properties and Laws in the Light of Inductive Metaphysics, Düsseldorf, Co-Organizer (w/ Andreas Bartels, Vera Hoffmann-Kolss, Siegfried Jaag, and Markus Schrenk)

3/2018 Individuality, Distinguishability, and (Non-)Entanglement, Bonn, Organizer (w/ Tina Wachter)

10/2017 Spacetime: Fundamental or Emergent?, Bonn, Organizer (w/ Andreas Bartels)

9/2017 Promoting the Field View of General Relativity: New Insights From Spin-2, Emergent Gravity, and the Dynamical Approach, Symposium at EPSA17, Exeter, Convener (w/ Niels Linnemann)


Lehre / Teaching

Wintersemester 2018/19

Emergenz (MA), Mo 12-14, Raum 1.072

Sommersemester 2018

Newton und die (Natur-)Philosophie (MA), Mi 14-16, Raum 1.070

Wintersemester 2017/18

Philosophie der Quantenmechanik (MA), Mi 14-16, Raum 3.074

Sommersemester 2017

Philosophie der Raumzeit (MA), Mi 14-16, Raum 3.078


Tutorien in Theoretischer Physik (BSc)