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Dr. Marius Bartmann

Research Associate at the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences (DRZE)



German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences (DRZE)
Bonner Talweg 57
53113 Bonn

  • Ph. 0228/73-8126
  • Email: bartmann(at)
  • Office hours: By appointment


Short Bio

  • Since 2019: Research Associate at the DRZE
  • 2011-2017: PhD in Philosophy at the University of Bonn (funded by a doctoral scholarship from the Studienstiftung)
  • 2013: Visiting Student Researcher at the University of California, Berkeley (supervisor: Prof. Hans Sluga)
  • 2005-2010: BA and MA in Philosophy and German Literature at the University of Heidelberg (funded by a BA/MA scholarship from the Studienstiftung)

Research Interests

  • Ethics of Climate Change
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neuroethics
  • Metaethics
  • Autonomy


Publications (Selection)





  • 2022: "The Ethics of AI-Powered Climate Nudging – How Much AI Should We Use to Save the Planet?", in: Sustainability 14 (9), 5153. doi: 10.3390/su14095153
  • Forthcoming: "Recommender Systems, Digital Nudging, and Autonomy", in: Genovesi, S./Kaesling, K./Robbins, S. (ed.): Recommender Systems. Cham: Springer.
  • Forthcoming: "Climate Change Justice – Ethical Aspects", in: Sturma, D./Lanzerath, D. (Hg.): Climate Change Justice. An expert report by the DRZE. Freiburg: Alber.
  • Forthcoming: "Wittgenstein on the Language of Time and the Solipsism of the Present", in: Sturma, D./Ettinger, U. (ed.): Mind and Time. Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives. Baden-Baden: Nomos.
  • 2019: "Facts and Realism in Philosophy", in: Fludernik, M./Ryan, M.-L. (Hg.): Handbook of Narrative Factuality. Berlin: DeGruyter, 209-227.
  • "Enactivism in Later Wittgenstein", in: Moyal-Sharrock, D./Munz, V./Coliva, A. (Hg.): Geist, Sprache und Handlung, 36. Internationales Wittgenstein Symposium 2013, Beiträge der ÖLWG Band XXI, 36-39.
  • "On the Very Idea of Imposition. Some Remarks on Searl's Social Ontology", in: Rivista di Estetica, 57 (3/2014), LIV, 155-164.