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The Future of (Artificial) Intelligence

Datum: 1. & 2. Oktober 2018, 9–17 Uhr & 9–13 Uhr Ort: Universität Bonn, Festsaal, Am Hof 3, 53113 Bonn

Joint Bonn/Cambridge Workshop

On the 1st and 2nd of October, the Center for Science and Thought
(CST, Universität Bonn), together with the Leverhulme Centre for the
Future of Intelligence (Cambridge), will hold a workshop on the topic
of "The Future of (Aritificial) Intelligence". Drawing together
researchers from the CST, BIGS Neuroscience, DZNE, DRZE, Frauenhöfer
IAIS, Forschungszentrum Jülich, as well as the Leverhulme Centre for
the Future of Intelligence, the workshop will discuss the topics of
consciousness and intelligence, practical applications of AI in
various domains, including neuroimaging and medicine, ethical issues
implicit in AI-application, topics in scientific modeling as well as
topics in deep learning.

Alongside with our directors Prof. Dr. Markus Gabriel and Prof. Dr.
Ulf-G. Meißner and two CFI directors Prof. Dr. Huw Price and Dr.
Stephen Cave, the above topics will be discussed by Prof. Dr. Heinz
Beck (BIGS, Universität Bonn), Prof. Dr. Monique Breteler (DZNE,
Universität Bonn), Prof. Dr. Armin Cremers (Universität Bonn), Dr.
Marta Halina (CFI, University of Cambridge), Dr. Jakob Macke (CAESAR),
Dr. Sach Mukherjee (DZNE, Universität Bonn), Dr. Rune Nyrup (CFI,
University of Cambridge), Dr. Martin Reuter (DZNE, Universität Bonn),
Dr. Henry Shevlin (CFI, University of Cambridge), Hannah Spitzer (FZ
Jülich), Prof. Dr. Dieter Sturma (DRZE, Universität Bonn), Dr. Karina
Vold (CFI, University of Cambridge), Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber (BIGS,
Universität Bonn), Dr. Jess Whittlestone (CFI, University of
Cambridge) and Prof. Dr. Stephan Wrobel (Universität Bonn und
Frauenhofer IAIS).


Die Tagungssprache ist Englisch.

Die Tagung ist öffentlich. Alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen.

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