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Scotus and Scotism

Understanding Duns Scotus's philosophy is notoriously challenging. The goal of the Scotus and Scotism conference is to bring together researchers who work on the history and reception of Duns Scotus's Reportatio Parisiensis. New insights on the status of this text and its influence on later philosophical debates will be discussed.

conference poster

You can download a PDF copy of our poster here.


Date: 16th of October 2017
Venue: Library LFBII, University of Bonn, D-53113 Bonn.


10.00-10.30 Ludger Honnefelder (University of Bonn)

10.30-11.15 Stephen Dumont (University of Notre Dame)

11.15-12.00 Wouter Goris (University of Bonn)

--lunch break--

13.30-14.15 Hannes Möhle (Albertus Magnus Institute)
14.15-15.00 Garrett Smith (University of Bonn)

--coffee break--

15.30-16.15 Benno van Croesdijk (University of Bonn)
16.15-17.00 Isabelle Mandrella (University of Munich)


Participation is free. Participants can register by sending an e-mail to <LFB2[at]>